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Shanghai Science & Technology Museum- below the Museum there is market that replaced “Xiang Yang Market”

Shanghai, nicknamed “Paris of the East”, is perfect for shoppers who love high fashion down to those who are looking to for a great bargain. As you travel around the city, you’ll find that shopping take form in large shopping plazas that carry designer brands, you may see boutiques along the streets that are local retailers or you may find large markets that sell specific products like clothing mart, toy mart or jewelry mart, etc. There are surprises everywhere as you look around.

How about a road map for the serious shoppers out there!

Nanjing Road- it’s a well-known street for shoppers. East Nanjing Road near the Bund has Shanghai department stores Pandora Perles   and you’ll also find plazas that sell mainly electronics; while West Nanjing Road has is by People’s Park and Jing’an Temple where you’ll find high end shopping centers. On either side of the road, you’ll find yourself surrounded by great restaurants for you to rest and dine after shopping.

HuaiHai Road- If you are looking for luxury products, you can find them on HuaiHai Road, home to major shopping plazas with stores that sell Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., Cartier, etc.Maison Mode, a must see if you are shopping for high end clothing.

If you are looking to shop and dine, you must visit Xintiandi, which is lined with restaurants and cafes with a great ambience. By night, it’s a great place to meet up with friends to go dancing.

Qipu Lu- bargain shoppers, the clothing market in Qipu Lu is for you. It is a large building with a few stories that looks like a large swap meet where vendors sell the latest fashion at low prices. Even at the prices proposed by the vendors, you can probably bargain down further if you stay firm. It’s a fun place to see where locals find their discounted clothing and accessories.

Shanghai Science & Technology Museum- below the Museum there is market that replaced “Xiang Yang Market”, formerly a market that sold knock-off products. You’ll be able to find everything from souvenirs, clothing, electronics, purses, jewelry and all types of random products there.

Looking local Chinese shopping areas, you can visit any of these plazas noted at the “Four Cities” in Shanghai.

1. Yuyuan Shopping City
2. Zujiahui Shopping City
3. New Shanghai Shopping City
4. Jiali Sleepless City

If you are looking to have clothing custom made, you can always purchase the fabric at the local fabric market located Pandora Bracelet  at Lujiabang Road, the largest fabric outlet in Shanghai. Tailor shops can be found on Duojia road, Maoming Road or Changle Road. One recommendation is going to KATANO on Maoming Road. This shop has been making custom suits, shirts and men’s attire for over 82 years! Make sure you reserve enough time when having clothing made for you, taking into consider a few fittings before you have your final product.

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